Rolex 3135 was regarded as the most accurate and the most reliable mechanical movement for a long time, and Omega 8500 challenged to it soon. Nowadays, Rolex 3235 has took the place of Rolex 3135, and Omega 8900 from calibre 8500 has been new generation of anti-magnetic movements. Which is stronger, Rolex Superlative Certified Calibre 3235 or Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8900?

People always focus on appearance of girls first, and so does movements. I have to say that Omega 8900 is polished well and carefully. Cotes de Geneve in Arab style and ruby bearings, black screws produce pleasant experiences. It seems that Rolex 3235 is a little inferior to Omega 8900. After taking them part, more parts of Rolex 3235 show well-polished lustre, while Omega 8900 isn’t polished further. Rolex pays attention to performance inner components instead of decorative surface. And, Rolex hardly produces watches with sapphire case back.

Rolex 3235 is certified as superlative chronometer level, and Omega 8900 is the chronometer level. Daily error of Rolex wristwatches with calibre 3235 is controlled in ±2 seconds. The standard by Swiss observatory is in -4 to +6 seconds. Each watch by Rolex is attached with a green certified hang tag which means 5-year after-sale service. Error range of calibre 8900 is in 0-5 seconds. It’s worth mentioning that Omega 8900 bears super anti-magnetic property, so Omega watches with calibre 8900 work well in 15,000-gauss environment. Rolex Milgauss achieves anti-magnetic performance in 1,000 gauss, whose movement is added along with an anti-magnetic soft iron cover. Calibre 8900 is made in anti-magnetic materials, and sapphire back shows up.

Power Reserve
Long power reserve is a trend in the watchmaking field. Rolex 3235 extends to 70 hours from 48 hours, after being enhanced. More unusual is that 70-hour power reserve is supplied by one barrel. The wall thickness of the only barrel is reduced to half of original edition so that the barrel can hold even longer spring. Omega 8900 has 60-hour power reserve supplied by two series-wound barrels, less than Calibre 3235. Although it is much stronger than ETA2824 and ETA2892, it shows that Rolex 3235 is superior to Omega 8900.

Escapement Mechanism
Rolex 3235 is equipped with Chronergy escapement by Rolex, but in essence, it is a lever-type pallet. Rolex improves it with LIGA, and its efficiency is 15% higher than before. Omega 8900 is equipped with new generation of Co-Axial escapement, an innovative invention by Omega. Co–Axial escapement was invented by George Daniels from Great Britain. In 1999, Omega cooperated to launched calibre 2500 with Mr. Daniels.

Balance Spring
Rolex is one of brands that researched silicon springs first, but Rolex takes its usage seriously and carefully. It’s said that the matching of spring and structure of a movement is in consideration. Calibre 3235 is set with Parachrom spring in Niobium zirconium alloy. Rolex Parachrom looks beautiful and mysterious, whose paramagnetism protects movements away from magnetism. Omega 8900 is equipped with silicon hairspring which is fragile but anti-magnetic fully. Prachrom hairspring and silicon spring have their oen advantages, but in case of malfunction, it will cost more to replace a new silicon spring.

Although Rolex 3235 and Omega 8900 are not perfect, they are far stronger among all mechanical movements. After reading the post, you must have your view which is stronger. Just go for the one you need and like.