There is no doubt that Rolex Day-Date collection is classic and luxury. It has the milestone type significance both in the history of Rolex and in the whole watchmaking industry. Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon and some other heads of States wore the Day-Date, so the Day-Date made of precious materials is called as “President watch”. In 1956, Rolex Oyster Day-Date made its debut. Available in 18ct gold or platinum. It was the first model that displayed the date and the day at that time, and it also inherited waterproof, anti-dust property and a cyclops lens over the date from the Oyster Perpetual collection. Rolex Day-Date has been one of hottest watches in watch field since it appeared. The Day-Date replica or fake watches came along with its high reputation in many countries in the 1970s. To this day, replica or fake Rolex Day-Date watches are current in the market, especially in online shops. Here I say something about Rolex Day-Date 36 Silver Men’s Watch Ref. 118239.

With the development of watchmaking craftsmanship, quite a lot watchmakers show their capability at the Baselworld every year. Those complicated wristwatches won’t copied by watch manufacturers who produce fake or replica watches, while popular, hot-selling or less complicated models are copied again and again and they can sell well. With the development and influence of the Internet, more and more wristwatches are sold on the internet. Due to varieties of Rolex Day-Date watches, it’s hard for us to distinguish true and fake. Some online shops specialize in selling replica or fake watches, but some websites pass fake or replica watches as the original edition to sell. I want to say something about Rolex Day-Date 36 Silver Men’s Watch Ref. 118239.

Differences Between Original Edition And Replica Version
Please neglect chromatic aberration between two pictures, because the right pic can’t be comparable with the left advertising photo. First, the replica looks low end. Second, replica President watch bracelet is of poor quality because the manufacture didn’t devote craftsmanship and effort into making the watch. Third, replica watch case was copied well by 1:1 scale, but Hour markers are different obviously from the original. The original dial bears hour markers whose frames in white gold inserted with white luminescent materials, but the replica dial bears solid hour markers in steel. Fourth, reference 118239 was made of white gold, but the replica was made of stainless steel or 316 L stainless steel. Fifth, reference 118239 is equipped with Cal. 3155, manufacture mechanical Co-Axial movement with self winding. Its accuracy was reduced to seconds’ error. The replica Day-Date 36 with Asian mechanical movement, Japanese Miyota quartz or ETA movement can’t be comparable with the original watch.