Rolex GMT-Master II Oystersteel 126710BLRO has been unveiled at Baselworld Fair 2018, the result watch fans waited for four years. “BLRO” represents “Bleu” and “Rouge”, meaning blue and red. It has been the most popular Rolex wristwatch so far.

Brief History of Rolex GMT-Master Collection
In 1954, Pan American Airways entrusted Rolex to design a dual time-zone watch for pilots in Boeing 707, so Rolex GMT-Master 6542 came out. Because the two-color red and blue bezel looked like Pepsi’s iconic color, so Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi was known well. The first Pepsi bezel watch, GMT Master Ref.6542 was being produced from 1954 to 1963. In first two years, the bezel was made of bakelite, because of the fragile property, the aluminium alloy bezel took place of bakelite bezel in 1956. The new generation GMT-Master Ref.1675 with Pepsi bezel in aluminium came out in 1959, and it didn’t halt production until 1979. GMT-Master Ref.16750 replaced reference 1675 in 1978, and it was in the line in 1989. From 1983 to 2018, the new replaced the old, and they are separately GMT-Master II Ref.16760, GMT-Master Ref.16700, GMT-Master II Ref.16710, GMT-Master II Ref.116710, GMT-Master II Ref.116719BLRO and GMT-Master-II Oysersteel 126710BLRO.

Product Configuration
Oystersteel case continues the usual size, and besides polished flanks, the others are a satin-finish surface. By comparing to previous versions, the case and lugs are redesigned. The new model still keeps 100-meter water resistance. The same as Rolex GMT-Master-II white gold launched in 2014, platinum numeral markers are inserted in two-color red and blue Cerachrom bezel. Each spin of the bidirectional rotatable bezel, 24 kinds of different “click” can be heard. To ensure high readability, hour markers and hands are large and filled with Chromalight against black lacquer dial. The little “crown” between “SWISS” and “MADE” at 6 O’clock shows that the watch is equipped with a new movement. Reference 126710BLRO comes with a new bracelet, the Jubilee bracelet, while the others of the GMT-Master II are equipped with the Oyster bracelet. It’s the first time to use Jubilee bracelet with Oysterclasp. The Jubilee has the supple and comfortable feature.

Rolex Cal.3285
Almost watches by Rolex belong to the design for the sealed back. Although we can’t appreciate it, there is no doubt that it’s more outstanding than the last generation. Cal.3285 is a newly developed automatic mechanical movement. With 10 patent applications during the process of development, calibre 3285 features Chronergy escapement mechanism, paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock system. The Chronergy escapement is a modified Swiss lever-type mechanism. By comparing to the traditional lever-type escapement, it enhances 15% efficiency. The lighter pallet, smaller jewels and the hollowed escape wheel make power reserve longer. 70 hours mean that the watch can work well on next Monday although it is stored in a drawer at weekends. Calibre 3285 is a certified Swiss chronometer, a high-precision watch that successfully passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests.