Times are changing, but the importance of time never changes. Only those who really cherish time and make perfect use of time can become successful. To get accurate time everywhere, clocks and wristwatches were invented, meanwhile, watch makers became new career. Rolex is famous for accuracy and reliability among all watchmakers. The tool watch makes a hit the watchmaking field today, and tool wristwatches by Rolex are popular with many of watch fans, like Submariner (date), Cosmograph Daytona, Daydate, Yacht Master. Of all Rolex collections, Cellini is like a maverick. Its features hardly include Popular elements of Rolex. In fact, Rolex Cellini hasn’t sold well. After seeing Rolex Cellini, quite a few of entry-level Rolex watch fans dare not believe that it’s a watch by Rolex.

Look up the history of Rolex watchmaking, from the 1900s to 1960s, especially in the period Hans Wilsdof managing Rolex, every watch by Rolex let you feel eye-opening, such as Rolex Bubbleback, Rolex square vintage watches, Rolex Triangle and Rolex Asymmetric. Therefore, it’s wrong that Cellini doesn’t resemble Rolex style. It was the product of the period of Renaissance.

“Cellini” came out of Benvenuto Cellini who was born on November 3, 1500 in Florence, Italy. Benvenuto Cellini was a goldsmith, silversmith, sculptor, writer, musician, artist. He was a great man in that time, but he killed five people, his wife included before his death. To tribute to the great artist, Rolex designed and produced a new model named after Cellini. Rolex Cellini was designed for talented people, the first watch certified by COSC. Through its development for decades, design concepts of Rolex Cellini Collection are changing, from square to round, from non-Oyster style to Oyster style, from basic function to complication, from hand-wound winding to self winding. Cellini never is limited in fixed range. Its only feature is the precious case.

Rolex Cellini Prince
Rolex Cellini Prince made it debut in 1928, and it was also called the “Doctors” watch. The earliest two models are reference 971 and reference 1343 whose small seconds were designed at 6 O’clock. It halt production in 1940s. New Rolex Cellini Prince with Cal.7040 was launched in 2005 and classed as present Cellini collection. It’s a pity that Rolex Cellini Prince 2005 didn’t cause a stir and sell well, even though watch collectors praised it a lot.
Rolex Cellini Cestello
Rolex Cellini Cestello is a round timepiece, featuring mobilizable lugs, genuine leather bracelet. Mobilizable lugs can make the watch fit on all wrists.

Rolex Cellini Danaos
Rolex Cellini Danaos resembles today’s Cartier Drive de Cartier, because they both have cushion-shaped case and alligator-skin strap. Rolex Cellini Danaos was an avant-garde model in that time.

Rolex Cellini Cellinium
Rolex Cellini Cellinium features 35mm diameter, mirror-effect case and bezel and elegant dial. The bezel is wider than other models.

Rolex Cellini Oyster
It seems that Rolex Cellini Oyster inherits from DNA of Rolex Cellini Vintage. Refined, elegant case, dial and alligator-skin strap fit gentlemen.